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ceramic furnaces

Invisible Burning Fire – Furnace Section

It is deep in our kiln’s heat that we forge the soul of our products, giving them an unparalleled uniqueness and authenticity. The furnace section is, without any doubt, one of the important sections in the entire production process.

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Modelação cerâmica

Ceramic Modelling

We address this month, one of the primordial phases of our production the modelling.
To better present our work, nothing better than letting the section itself report what it feels.

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Reflection on the year 2021

Reflection on the year 2021

We are coming to the end of another year here at S. Bernardo, and we are reflecting on all that we have gone through, and envisioning the plan for the following year.

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Marta Coelho Sales and logistics S Bernardo

Impact of sales in a company

The commercial sector’s main mission is to add value to the company’s product and cultivate an excellent relationship with the client. In order to achieve success, we must take some points into consideration.

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blog post summer

The summer holidays are over

At S. Bernardo we all take three weeks off at the same time, it’s a rest for the whole group. We take the opportunity to recharge our batteries, be with our family, go for walks and do other things that we also like besides ceramics.

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Flavio Souto (1)


From year to year our planning and production control has evolved, so that we can guarantee and produce more and better.

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